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Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre - The Animal Hospital


Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC + The Animal Hospital) is much more than just a purpose built, state of the art veterinary facility providing outstanding modern medical and surgical equipment.  It is a place where you find caring professionals dedicated to animal health and the wellbeing of the pet and the owner.

BVSC’s innovative facility includes three sterile surgical suites, a high energy radiation therapy linear accelerator with a three dimensional treatment planner, a large fully equipped intensive care unit with modern patient ventilators, a CT scanner, a computerized radiography suite, an image intensifier, ultrasonography, endoscopy and arthroscopy equipment for minimally invasive surgery, a modern in-house automated laboratory, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and much more.  At the heart of this cutting-edge hospital are the people.

I am Rod Straw, the Director of BVSC + The Animal Hospital and I am very proud to work along side the best specialists, residents, interns, dentists, emergency staff, physiotherapists, radiotherapists, nurses, receptionists, administrative staff, and cleaners.  We have a wonderful team who all care for each and every client and each and every animal.  It is this team whom so successfully drives our facility and equipment to bring to our clients caring and compassionate care for their pets in trouble.

We look forward to taking care of you and your pets at BVSC + The Animal Hospital.

Rod Straw (Director)


Call us today on 07 3264 9400 or Fax us on 07 3319 6398

To email us use our Contact Us Form


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The gap between the specialist treatment options available for humans and those available for animals is closing following the installation of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at BVSC, one of the first in Australia for veterinary use.

The installation of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at the Centre has already seen significant improvements to the treatment of many conditions including wounds, inflammation, infections and brain and spinal injury and may also improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy greatly increases the oxygen concentration in all body tissues.

The oxygen chamber works the same as it does for humans; the animal sits inside the chamber and inhales high-pressure oxygen which significantly improves the oxygenation of body tissues, reaching damaged tissue three to four times more effectively than oxygen normally transferred by red blood cells.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a safe and non-invasive procedure for animals and most do not require sedation while they are positioned in the chamber and painlessly inhale and absorb the oxygen.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber will join other specialist equipment at BVSC including the Centre’s 3D treatment software and high energy radiation therapy unit.


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Our surgeon, Wendy Archipow, has brought her skill and experience with minimally invasive surgery with her from the USA and we have now provided her with equipment to exercise her skills. Arthroscopy is available for small animal patients at BVSC.

The equipment is a state of the art, full high definition system. This arthroscopic equipment is of the same quality that is used in human orthopaedic centres in Australia. It has a full HD 3 chip camera head. We have scopes suitable for shoulders and stifles or for elbows and small joints (carpus/tarsus). We also have a scope suitable for use in very small dogs and even cats. Our complete image capture system allows us to save video and still images that we can provide to veterinarians and their clients.

The advantages of minimally invasive surgery include being able to diagnose and treat disease in one procedure. The magnified and illuminated view makes it easy to see structures within joints and allows access to areas not normally seen with standard arthrotomy. This is especially useful for diagnosing and treating forelimb lameness. Typically Wendy will use the arthroscope to treat diseases such as fragmented medial coronoid process, osteochondrosis of the humeral condyle, incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in the elbow, osteochondrosis of the humeral head, and tendon disorders in the shoulder. This is the standard of care treatment for some elbow conditions – for example, fragmented medial coronoid process and is superior to the traditional techniques requiring arthrotomy.

Arthroscopy decreases recovery times and pain using a minimally invasive approach and makes it possible to perform bilateral surgery saving time, money and morbidity.