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Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre is a specialist referral hospital with specialists well known in several countries and some leaders in their own specialty.

  • Dr Rod Straw is known world-wide for his contribution to Veterinary Oncology, he was a part of what was ground breaking techniques in Surgical management of some cancers and now those very same techniques are used to treat animals and even humans everyday!
  • Darren Fry has worked in several countries around the world, and have worked as a Registered Internal  Medicine Specialist in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Anna Deykin is a board certified Ophthalmologists, run a comprehensive 6 day per week Ophthalmology service at BVSC.
  • Wendy Archipow joins BVSC from the United States as a Specialist Small Animal Surgeon with a wealth of experience in specialist soft tissue, neurological and orthopaedic surgery.
  • Elias Gumpel, from Houston, Texas, is Australia's only board certified Veterinary Radiation Oncologist.

Please choose any of the below to read our Specialists Biographies:

rod_tg_t Rod Straw BVSc Dip ACVS M(A)ANZCVSc  ACVS Founding Fellow Surgical Oncology acvslogo

darren_tg_t Darren Fry MA VetMB FANZCVSc
Wendy Archipow BVSc MS Diplomate ACVS
elias_tg2 Elias Gumpel DVM Diplomate ACVR acvr certification mark blue