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Nursing Staff

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Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre is home to not only world class specialists, consultants and technicians but also to a dedicated group of veterinary nurses.

Many of our nurses have extensive experience, and some have worked overseas and interstate at other world renowned veterinary hospitals and specialist centres.

To learn more about our nurses please select from the below links:

gareth_tg_t Gareth Wilson (Head Nurse / WHSO)

Brad Singleton (Primary Hospital Nurse)


Emma Brown (Primary Radiation Therapy Nurse)


Layla Wilkinson (Primary Medicine Nurse)

amanda_tg_t Amanda Midgelow (Primary Surgery Nurse)
momoko_tg_t Momoko Ito (Primary Chemotherapy Nurse)
karina_tg_t Karina Rowe (Ophthalmology Nurse)
melissa_tg Melissa Prictor (Primary Surgery Nurse)

Caroline Montgomery (Secondary Surgery Nurse)

aleasha_tg Aleasha Carloss (Rotating Nurse)

brylliana_tg Brylliana Gibson (Rotating Nurse)
hannah_tg Hannah Colman (Rotating Nurse)


Alex Hermecz-Tanis (Rotating Nurse)


Anna Fell (Rotating Nurse)

emma_tg Emma Walker (Kennel Hand)
stephanie_tg Stephanie Harris (Rotating Nurse)
notavailable Courtney Litzow (Rotating Nurse)
notavailable Briar Reardon (Rotating Nurse)
notavailable Marie Rogers (Cleaner)