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Both Dr. Rod Straw and Dr. Wendy Archipow are board certified surgeons. This means they have undertaken extensive training and passed very stringent evaluation and examinations ensuring they are experts in small animal surgery. Your pets are in good hands. Not just the specialists performing the surgery but also the whole team of professionals, the state of the art equipment and the sterile, modern surgery suites and recovery area advantage pets undergoing surgery at BVSC.

BVSC’s team of professionals in surgery includes our resident, Dr. Marvin Kung, who has passed his Membership examinations in small animal surgery. By passing this examination, Marvin has shown he understands and is very knowledgeable about small animal surgery. Marvin is also in his final year of training for the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science Fellowship in surgery as well as the American College of Veterinary Surgeons speciality boards. Our intern in surgery is Dr. Tristram Bennett who is now on his way to follow in Marvin's footsteps and he has already shown his strong interest and native talent in surgery. Our surgery nurses, Amanda and Melissa, are very experienced and well trained. They coordinate the care of surgical patients with the specialists, resident and intern and also the hospital nurses and critical care staff.

Our three surgical suites have surgery specific air quality control and are on isolated air-conditioning systems ensuring the most sterile environment. The anesthesia equipment and monitoring devices are modern and accurate. Every piece of our equipment is fully serviced to ensure proper function. Our surgeons enjoy LED cool, bright surgery lamp systems, digital, high definition, radiography monitors, and the latest in electrocautery, orthopaedic and soft tissue instrumentation.

Anaesthesia safety and effectiveness is ensured with the latest in analgesia technology, safe induction and maintenance drugs, high quality anaesthetic machines, in house oxygen generator, ventilators and professional staff (nurses and veterinarians) with advanced anaesthesia training.

We take pride in being able to offer a full range of surgical procedures with very high success rates and very low complication rates. Your pet is in good hands. We know surgery can be frightening but we will carefully discuss procedures with you, give you a complete review of risks and benefits as well as a written estimate of costs. We even provide access to payment options through our third party finance providers. We also welcome insurance claims, which we will facilitate for you.



Dr Marvin Kung & Dr Wendy Archipow performing the arthroscopic removal of a fragmented coronoid process.

Our surgeon, Wendy Archipow, has brought her skill and experience with minimally invasive surgery with her from the USA and we have now provided her with equipment to exercise her skills. Arthroscopy is available for small animal patients at BVSC.

The equipment is a state of the art, full high definition system. This arthroscopic equipment is of the same quality that is used in human orthopaedic centres in Australia. It has a full HD 3 chip camera head. We have scopes suitable for shoulders and stifles or for elbows and small joints (carpus/tarsus). We also have a scope suitable for use in very small dogs and even cats. Our complete image capture system allows us to save video and still images that we can provide to veterinarians and their clients.

The advantages of minimally invasive surgery include being able to diagnose and treat disease in one procedure. The magnified and illuminated view makes it easy to see structures within joints and allows access to areas not normally seen with standard arthrotomy. This is especially useful for diagnosing and treating forelimb lameness. Typically Wendy will use the arthroscope to treat diseases such as fragmented medial coronoid process, osteochondrosis of the humeral condyle, incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in the elbow, osteochondrosis of the humeral head, and tendon disorders in the shoulder. This is the standard of care treatment for some elbow conditions – for example, fragmented medial coronoid process and is superior to the traditional techniques requiring arthrotomy.

Arthroscopy decreases recovery times and pain using a minimally invasive approach and makes it possible to perform bilateral surgery saving time, money and morbidity.

Remember, BVSC is staffed 24/7 so your animal is never alone and always has the best care. We take great pride in looking after our animals in surgery and every service at BVSC.

For detailed information about some of our surgical procedures, please click here to see our information sheets.