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Dear Colleagues,

Many years ago I had a dream and ten years ago it took shape. BVSC + The Animal Hospital opened in April 2004 with the vision to enhance the quality of life of animals through nurturing the Human-Animal bond and providing ‘Specialty Care with Compassion’. Our vision is still clear and our mission is on track achieving the best specialist services we can, being at the forefront of all advancements in veterinary science and consistently providing world-class technological equipment, facilities and training. This we do through collaborative research, continuing veterinary education and knowledge-sharing with colleagues. I am proud of the team and our achievements while simultaneously feeling humbled by the wonderful support and trust provided by your referral to our specialists.

We thank you for your support and look forward to an even better next ten years!

Your Sincerely,

Rod Straw

Where is BVSC + The Animal Hospital?

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